Excessive Spending – Dad & Daddy’s Christmas

Why is there excessive spending at our house during Christmas for our kids?

Is it because our kids are adopted and we are over-compensating for something, or is it because we love the smiles on their faces as they descend down the stairs Christmas morning to see all the gifts Santa has brought them?

Here is my amateurish attempt to provide an answer:

All three of our beautiful kids were adopted at birth or as toddlers.  So, they know no life other than with us. They never suffered, felt trauma or experienced any sad/painful holidays. Thus, the most rational explanation for our excessive Christmas spending is most likely our unconscious need to make up for each Christmas we shared prior to having them.

We always wanted kids but thought it was impossible. When we came to the realization that we could, I was in my early forties and Paul was in his mid-twenties. It’s doubtful this reasoning holds true for him.

Paul and I spent each Christmas celebrating through the eyes of adults. We would exchange one or two gifts between ourselves, if any at all, before flying to Texas o celebrate with my side of the family.

Now, we stay home, in South Philly, so the kids can wake up to the joy of Santa’s generosity for being great kids, our kids.

I have never been a fan of stereotypes so labeling us as gay dads who love to shop isn’t entirely accurate.

Paul is cheap (in a good way) and I am typically more concerned with eliminating the need for ridiculously expensive diapers (and all the gross stuff associated with them) by figuring out how to potty train two 3-year-old boys both at the same time.

The best explanation for our yearly excessive Christmas shopping is probably best summed up with this video:

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