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We are Greg, Paul, Bella, Xander, and Trevor.  Our blog is an open-minded and sincere blog focusing mainly on gay families but is also relatable to urbanite families, adoptive families, interracial families, and dads (gay or straight).

We created Dad, Daddy, & Kids as a forum to build up, inform, and strengthen gay families during and after creating their families.  Feeling alone and unsure when creating our family are feelings we hope to prevent others.

Why A Blog

Our hope is to encourage more gay couples to consider fostering or adopting children by writing about experiences and issues facing same-sex couples.

When gay couples feel supported as parents and feel that they belong in their neighborhood and community, their children do better socially, emotionally and behaviorally.

Creating an interactive community that helps our readers manage the challenges (and joys) of parenting better than if you feel isolated and alone is another purpose for this blog.

All of our posts will be interactive and encourage our readers to leave comments and connect with other similarly situated couples experiencing the same joys and obstacles when creating their family.

Learning from and about our readers will also motivate us to create continuous and relevant content.

What We Hope To Accomplish

Building on our strength of community and interaction, along with systematically creating relevant content will be achieved by:

  • Creation Goals – Be disciplined when creating content by being trustworthy, reliable, and committed to needs and interests of our readers.

  • Performance Goals – Increasing reader subscriptions by 10% every six months. Chart our progress and review those numbers for red flags. We will eventually report our performance goals to our readers with the intent of being held publicly accountable.

  • Optimization Goals – Get feedback on our performance goals and make necessary tweaks to the overall plan.

Exposing Our Kids On Social Media

Through photography, social media, and videos, we want to encourage gay couples to create families through adoption.

Sharing photos and videos of our children is the most effective way, in our opinion, to assist in destroying the belief that the Mom-and-Dad nuclear family is the baseline model in our society.

Our children’s visibility will help change the stereotypes and hysteria that afflict our culture and support the fact that gay parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children.

Most of our family moments will remain private, and none of the media we post will put our children at risk for embarrassment or make them a potential target.

Read Our Blog

Hoping you enjoy reading our blog.  We want to build a relationship with our readers by creating content interesting enough so you will want to visit our site again and again.



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